• 11.5 cm multi Caenisites Turneri pebble, Lower Sinemurian, Charmouth

    This nodule is filled with uncommon Caenisites Turneri, Promicroceras and Cymbites ammonites. It measures 11.5 cm across it's widest part. The piece originates from the uncommon popcorn stone and was found on Charmouth beach, Jurassic coast, UK. It's around 195 million years old. 


    Under magnification it's possible to see many many more ammonites in this piece - possibly thousands of tiny protoconch (embrionic) ammonites. Anywhere that you can't see a regular sized ammonite, the bumpy surface is full of them. The last photo is taken from a close up of another very similar piece - showing a 3 mm across area. 


    Lower Sinemurian, Black Ven Mudstone Member, Charmouth Mudstone Formation, Charmouth, Dorset. 195 MYA


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      Charmouth United Kingdom