This weeks fossil preparation.

April 29, 2018

Looking back at the last week here are some of the fossils I have worked on.  


1. Prodactylioceras from the Belemnite stone, Charmouth. 


This rare 11 cm Prodactylioceras is the second I have found recently - this time with a couple of spines. 





















2. Becheiceras bechei from the Red Band, Green Ammonite Beds, Charmouth.


Found by a friend, preservation on this 12 cm ammonite is incredible. When found there was very little matrix surrounding the piece - unusually preserved in it's entirety unlike many matrix free ammonites found on this stretch of coast. 



















3. Cenoceras sp. nautilus and partial Apoderoceras Sp. ammonite, Apoderoceras stone, Charmouth. 


The Apoderoceras stone occasionally contains Nautilus, many of which are very crushed - much more commonly found are Apoderoceras ammonites however these are still rare in good condition. I was very surprised to find a very 3d 23 cm Nautilus which was on top of a spiny partial Apoderoceras - the first time I have found the two together. 






4. Liparoceras, Androgynoceras and Tragophylloceras, Green Ammonite Beds, Charmouth


This nodule contains a unusual 13 cm Liparoceras with two smaller Androgynoceras ammonites and a very small Tragophylloceras ammonite. It was nice to find something uncommon inside a green nodule - especially with many different types of ammonite hidden inside. 















5. Androgynoceras sp, Green Ammonite Beds, Charmouth


The last stone I worked on contained this 11 cm Androgynoceras ammonite - unfortunately it has calcite lines crossing through the very centre of it which has caused a lot of damage to the centre, still a nice piece overall though. 






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