A week of green nodules

August 19, 2018

After quite a successful short trip to the beach I returned to the workshop on Wednesday. I had lots of new things to work on which is always good! 


1.  Small Androgynoceras, Charmouth

I am finding more and more of these small green nodules - long may it continue! They almost always have a nice large ammonite inside - something which often the larger green nodules don't have (more later in my post) 

This androg has some really nice yellow colours which is not often seen within a green. 





























2. Androgynoceras and Tragophyloceras, Charmouth

This was the largest green nodule I have found so far, it was so big that after I spent time digging it out of the slip I found a trip back to the car was necessary before looking for more because it totally filled up my backpack! I got very muddy which is always a sign of a good fossil hunt. I was disappointed to find that inside there was not a giant ammonite to reflect the nodules size! The addition of a Trago was welcome in this case. In the first photo you can see the nodule above next to the green after I had found the ammonite. The matrix was far too large so I hammered a fair amount off of the surround and cut a base which makes it a little different to most that I prepare. I removed the whole matrix from around and under most of the androg so it looks as though it is floating above the matrix. 




















































3. Customer prep. 


I started a few greens found by other people, a large spiny Becheiceras from Golden cap and a double (possibly tripple) androg from Stonebarrow. I will hopefully have these finished in time for my next post! It is definitely time for a shed clean before further prep happens. 




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